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Pink pepper

Description: Pink pepper is the fruit of a bush related to the pepper family. It is fragrant and requires great care in its conservation as it is very sensitive and its outer peel easily becomes powdery, losing its attractive appearance. Its main use in cooking is to whet the appetite by giving the food aroma. The characteristics of each pepper (aroma, flavour, strength, essential oils, etc.) are what categorise it, according to the international organisation ASTA, into different qualities.

A. Yiotis SA applies strict criteria to select and import the best pink peppercorns in the world. Their quality stands out because:

  • they have more flesh (not thick shell)
  • they do not contain any impurities
  • their purity rate reaches 99.5%
  • they are tested for their bacteria content
and because for so many years you have chosen them and loved their intense aroma and
unique flavour.

Uses: Used with seafood, rabbit, chicken and blends harmoniously with olive oil and
vinegar mix. It even goes perfectly with salad dressings and white sauces.

Combinations: Combines perfectly with allspice, paprika, chilli, coriander, parsley, bay leaf, rosemary, thyme, sage and tarragon.

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