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A. Yiotis SA, taking data protection policy seriously into account, commits to protect and respect the personal data of visitors to its site as well as its customers. For visitors, the website has been configured in such a way so that during their visit they do not leave any data by which they can be recognised or personal data. At the moment that they themselves decide to supply A. Yiotis SA with their own personal data or any other data and information through which they could be recognised, we would like to notify them that this data will only be used to develop collaborative relations.

During a visit to the website, the A. Yiotis SA server collects basic user data that include the visitor’s ISP domain, the time of the visit as well as the specific pages visited. The visitor’s email address is not stored, nor are data on other websites that the visitor has viewed.

The basic visitor information that is collected is used to analyse internet activity and to improve the contents of the A. Yiotis SA website.

Please note that the A. Yiotis SA website may contain links to products and services provided by other, external companies. The website to which the visitor links may be able to identify that the visitor linked from the A. Yiotis SA website.

The customer’s contact details are used during the performance of all the necessary actions on the part of A. Yiotis SA as regards the activation and development of the services selected by the visitor.

A. Yiotis SA does not sell or rent the personal data of its customers to third parties. A. Yiotis SA will make the data of its customers known only if this is considered necessary in the circumstances: communication or identification of persons who have been proved to have damaged or attempt to damage A. Yiotis SA or its customers, responses to summons, legal procedures and judicial orders. Furthermore, A. Yiotis SA will not reveal to third parties the contents of emails and electronic communications with its customers. A. Yiotis SA will make the contents of emails and electronic communications with its customers known only if this is considered necessary in the circumstances: responses to summons, legal procedures, judicial orders, the protection of the legal rights of A. Yiotis SA and its customers, the unintended securing of data related to crimes. Despite this, A. Yiotis SA will examine, delete or prevent access to any communications that may damage the company, its customers or third parties. The reasons as to why A. Yiotis SA will act in this way are due to the actual or potential violation of the Terms of Use of the services of A. Yiotis SA.

Please note that A. Yiotis SA reserves the right to send, as it sees fit, notifications and important information concerning its services.


Intellectual and industrial property rights:
All contents in this website including indicatively but not limited to texts, names, trademarks, logos, graphics, illustrations, photographs, video or audio files and all types of file are the intellectual property of A. YIOTIS SA and are governed by national and international intellectual property law, with the exception of the explicitly recognised or adapted third-party rights. It is therefore expressly forbidden to use, reproduce, republish, copy, store, sale, transmit, distribute, publish, perform, download, translate, modify in any way in part, whole or in summary the aforementioned rights without the explicit prior consent of A. YIOTIS SA unless otherwise defined herein. The user/visitor accepts that anything contained within the webpages of this internet site is a guaranteed right of the industrial and/or intellectual property of A. YIOTIS SA or a third party (used with license) and, as such, any unauthorised use may constitute a violation and result in legal actions.


Republication of the contents is permitted only in the following circumstances:


- the section contents that are republished must remain unchanged in relation to the original material. It is not permitted to distort the content by changing individual words or phrases.
- If the contents of part or the whole of a section of this website are republished, the webmaster of the site where the contents are republished must provide, on the same webpage as the republished material, a link to the website, citing it as the source. This link can be either or the specific URL of from which the content was republished. The title of the following link must in every case be “Spices and herbs Captain’s” (without quotation marks).


If the above terms are not observed, then the company A. YIOTIS SA reserves the right to take legal action against the owners and webmaster of the website which republished material from without written consent.


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